Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The importance of English language in the field of librarianship

Have you ever think about the ongoing impacts of English language on information access. English is now the dominated language of information world. About 80% of internet web pages are in this language. Main information resources are mostly published in this language or translated into it. Librarians also may benefit more from the advantages of English as a common language to communicate with their co- workers or participate in knowledge sharing activities. Many standard guidelines have been written in this language that would help libraries cooperation programmes and facilitate international flow of information. It is a key element for LIS student’s success both in their studies and career. If you look at the result of master entrance exams in our country, you can see that those who have better knowledge of this language would be more successful in the exam.

I wonder, however, why it has not been looked at as an important topic of our profession. What do you think about it and its future?